In more than 90% of Businesses, Payroll is the largest journal expense in their Financials, and any non-compliance thereof poses one of the Biggest Financial Risks. Payroll requires more input stakeholders than any other tax type (i.e. input from HR, Finance, 3rd parties etc.), thus the breakdown of a single process can lead to non-compliance, which can lead to the revoking of the essential Tax Clearance Certificate.

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In the event that SARS conducts a Payroll or Tax Benefit Policy Audit, they are allowed to extend the Audit period historically (beyond 5 years) in certain circumstances. 

They can raise new assessments and levy penalties (up to 200%) per non-compliance together with daily accumulated interest. Normal dispute measures can take up to a year (based on the SARS’ Pay-Now-Argue-Later principle) whilst the interest keeps on accumulating daily.

Payroll and Tax Benefit Risk Management is a Supremacy Group exclusive service to help businesses as follows:

Identifying the possible Risk

Managing current Risks

Mitigating/ Eliminating future Risks 

Preparing for SARS Audits

Imitating SARS Audits as part of Risk Identification or staff readiness training

Payroll and Benefit Tax Training to staff

Process mapping and implementation

POPI and GDPR implementation & training for Payroll and Tax Benefit systems