Payroll Outsourcing

When you were (or perhaps still are) an employee, imagine being informed that due to technical or other issues encountered with the payroll system, your salary will not be paid on pay day? The Bank does not wait with their debit orders and a declined payment severely affects your credit score.

Don’t risk employee anger due to Payroll errors.

By obtaining the services of a trusted Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider with the necessary expertise, this type of financial and reputational risk that can be avoided completely.

Managing an effective and accurate Payroll entails much more than simply using any software, as effective management is not the completing of the monthly run, but having the capability and knowledge to detect and correct any errors on the payroll system with regards to changes from SARS, new tax legislation  or any issues that may occur without prior notice.

Our team is Internationally renowned for their Payroll expertise, they sit on various Industry boards and works closely with SARS in respect of future Payroll and System related changes. As Payroll is the largest expense in most Organization’ financials, it holds a major reputational and operating risk. Trust our team of payroll experts who are passionate in managing your payroll accurate and on time, ensuring complete compliance with SARS and the Department of Labour

our Full Payroll Outsource Services Include:

Preparation of Payroll and issuance of Payslips (including commission, leave and bargaining councils)


Preparation and issuance of IRP5/IT3(a) Certificates


Submission of EMP201 and EMP501 Returns


Compiling and submission of UI-19 Return to the Department of Labour


Compiling and submission of COID Return to the Compensation House


Assistance with Remuneration Structuring and Compliance


Monthly Payroll Reports


Assistance with Tax Directives


Human Resources ESS (Employee Self Service) App


Payroll Software licence fees


WE can use our own Software, or your preferred software,We are comfortable with using various different systems, such as:

  • Sage Payroll

  • PSIber

  • Oracle

  • SAP

  • Pastel

  • Accsys

  • Quickbooks Payroll, and Many more!